As part of the Esc and Ctrl series, Jon Ronson recently published two videos on Comment is free in which he confronts a spambot version of himself and accuses it of stealing his identity. We’re two of the people in the second episode. Although we didn’t create Ronson’s bot, we provide research and consultancy for the company that did. Like Ronson, we’re interested in bots, algorithms and issues of identity on the net. The bigger story that Ronson misses, but that we have been researching and to which we tried to alert him, is that it’s not just Ronson who has bots manipulating his life. It’s all of us. (via How bots are taking over the world | Dan O’Hara and Luke Robert Mason | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk)

Zhang Huan, Three Heads Six Arms, 2008. From Art HK 2011.